the experience

You're not a professional model, so why should anyone expect you to feel comfortable with a camera in your face?

My job is so much more than snapping away on my camera. As your photographer, my biggest priority at a session is to ensure you feel comfortable, heard, and that you have some fun! I have a little speech I like to give before every session - the first 10-15 minutes are the "warm-up" (there she goes again with that CrossFit stuff *eye roll*). During those first fews shots we get to know each other, and you get a sense of what it feels like to be prompted with me all up in your grill.


Before you know it, you'll be relaxed and laughing at my terrible jokes! I also bring a speaker so we can play some of your favorite jams while we WERK IT. The end results? Gorgeous prompted shots. Cute candids. Hopefully some inside jokes. ;)

you got a problem? yo, I'll solve it.

I am in your corner throughout the process! No matter what your question is, I am here to help you find the answer. I'm always available via email, phone, carrier pigeon...whatever works best for you!

didn't see your question on here? i gotchu.

You made it to the end!

Here's a quick recap

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