Nice to meet you!

I'm Brittney.


Photography + CrossFit +

huskies + Enneagram 2w3 = me :)

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Brittney Welch. I am a born and raised Florida gal (Go Jags!), who moved to Boston when my now-husband started medical school, then went even further up north to Maine, and now I am in San Antonio, Texas! We moved here about a year ago when my husband started his residency (paging Dr. Welch!). 


Not only have I loved the warmer weather, but San Antonio has quickly become our home. The people, the views, and of course, the FOOD have all been wonderful! Can we talk about how insanely gorgeous the wedding venues are here? I meaaaaan 😱.

When I am not shooting or playing with my dogs, I am probably at my gym, CrossFit Mettle! In addition to being a photographer, I am a CrossFit coach! Being healthy and active is such an important part of my life, and not gonna lie, I need some serious shoulder and back strength to carry my equipment at weddings! 

These are a few of my favorite things 🎶


the hubs, Sean!

I got married in 2018 to my best bud, my better half and definitely my fitter half! Sean and I have been together for over seven years. We moved here because he (finally) finished medical school and came to University Hospital for his residency. He is going into physiatry (no, not podiatry - that get's confused a lot) and I couldn't be more proud of him! Dr. Welch, I love ya! 

He is also a great photo assistant, TBH! :) 





my wolf pack

Just call me the mother of wolves. ;) Meet my editing buddies! 

Luna is our oldest and is definitely the mom of the group. Most days you'll find her curled up in her favorite sun spot and silently judging the other two while they run around and play all day. Basically it's Luna's world, and we're just livin' in it.


Ollie is the sweetest floof you'll ever meet. He hasn't met you yet, but he probably loves you! He is silly, energetic, and loveably wild.


Ginny is the newest addition to our pack! We rescued her here in San Antonio. Her and Ollie are fast BFFs and playmates! Luna keeps a close eye on her to make sure she doesn't get into too much trouble. ;)


Like I mentioned above, I am an avid CrossFitter! Not only do I love working out and participating in local competitions (This photo is from a recent girls-only comp!), but I'm also an L1 CrossFit coach. I love watching athletes get fitter and happier with every class. 

So to all my clients, if you ever want to workout with meee, visit me at CrossFit San Antonio! ;)

rapid fire Q&a!

Favorite movie?

Zoolander! It always makes me laugh!

My husband and I quote it to each other all the time. So when I tell you to "Blue Steel" in a session, it's from this movie! 

let's get personal